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Here at Good Vibrations, we also produce high quality audiobook and podcast products. We have worked on over 20 books that are currently available on Audible - The Cliffside Inn (Jessie Newton) being the most recent. A sample can be found here.

Our services include:


- Audio book and podcast recording in acoustically treated rooms

- Producing (providing guidance for the voice actor)

- Proof reading against the script

Editing & Mastering

- Editing out extraneous breaths, clicks, pops,
breaks etc.

- Removing sibilance, background noise, and reverb

- Equalising the voice

- Compression to ensure consistent audio levels throughout

- Mastering to suitable levels for upload to audiobook

retailers, such as Audible  

All work is completed to ACX standards

"I recorded my latest audiobook at Good Vibrations. I loved the studio set up and it was a real pleasure working with Jamie. Good Vibrations would be my first choice of where to go to record my audiobooks in the future."

Dr David R Hamilton, author of 'Why Woo Woo Works' and 'The Five Side Effects of Kindness'.

"I’ve worked with Jamie at Good Vibrations a few times now, mainly while recording audiobooks. Exemplary professionalism, helpfulness and a brilliant standard of recording. I wouldn’t go to anyone else."

     Laura Fyfe - Stirling Makar: Poetry Ambassador

"Always a pleasure working with Jamie! He goes above and beyond to make my audio sound great."

     Jill Smith - Ohio based voice actor. (Has narrated for USA Today bestsellers and RITA nominees)


Recording  -  £36 per hour

Proofing, enhancing, editing, and mastering - 

£75 per hour of audio  (Minimum price of £40)

Large projects may receive a discount

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