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Here at Good Vibrations, we also produce high quality audiobook and podcast products. We have worked on over 35 books that are currently available on Audible - The Cliffside Inn (Jessie Newton) being the most recent. A sample can be found here. We have produced 200 + podcasts to date.

Our services include:


- Audio book and podcast recording in acoustically treated rooms

- Producing (providing guidance for the voice actor)

- Proof reading against the script

Editing, mixing & Mastering

- Editing out extraneous breaths, clicks, pops,
breaks, filler words, repeated lines etc.

- Removing sibilance, background noise, and reverb

- Equalising the voice

- Compression to ensure consistent audio levels throughout

- Mastering to suitable levels for upload to audiobook & podcast


All audiobook work is completed to ACX standards

1 - Raw audio (Before)
1 - Finished Audio (After)

Podcast examples:

Here are examples of a before and after of trickier podcasts. The raw audio provided for both was of very bad quality with significant background noise and reverb, as well frequent bumps, clicks and filler words.

Headphones recommended.   

2 - Raw Audio (Before)
2 - Finished Audio (After)


Each client has vastly different requirements, so please provide me with some information and I'll get back to you with a quote.

Client reviews

"I recorded my latest audiobook at Good Vibrations. I loved the studio set up and it was a real pleasure working with Jamie. Good Vibrations would be my first choice of where to go to record my audiobooks in the future."

Dr David R Hamilton, author of 'Why Woo Woo Works' and 'The Five Side Effects of Kindness'.

"I’ve worked with Jamie at Good Vibrations a few times now, mainly while recording audiobooks. Exemplary professionalism, helpfulness and a brilliant standard of recording. I wouldn’t go to anyone else."

     Laura Fyfe - Stirling Makar: Poetry Ambassador

"Always a pleasure working with Jamie! He goes above and beyond to make my audio sound great."

  Jill Smith - Ohio based voice actor. (Has narrated for USA Today bestsellers and RITA nominees)


"Great work! Went above and beyond my expectations. Jamie did a great job editing my entire audiobook. He went out of his way to make sure we met our deadline. I would definitely recommend him!"

Marika Stimac - Keys to Financial Confidence


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