"Hey all!

Hope you are all hanging on in there!

As we will likely be closed to the public for a number of weeks/months, we are now offering discounted mixing and mastering services to try and keep the studio afloat. This is an extremely hard time for us as a small business, so any support or work is very much appreciated.

With extra time on everyone's hands, hopefully some of you have been able to take time out to record at home or begin work on projects that have taken a back seat. If you would like a different set of ears to mix/master, or just want a wee special touch added, please don't hesitate to contact us!"


Good Vibrations is now offering a discounted mixing and mastering service while the studio is closed to the public.

    -    Mixing and mastering (multiple stems) - £60 (per song)

    -    Mixing and mastering (few stems, such as guitar and vocals only) - £30 (per song)

    -    Up to 3 mix revisions

Further discounts available for multiple tracks.

We also offer audio book editing and mastering services at £60 per hour of audio.

Please contact gvstirlingoffice@gmail.com for more information, or to submit stems.